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7 reasons why training women to ride scooters can solve some of our country's biggest problems

1. Enabling gender equity by breaking stereotypes in which masculinity is regarded as mobile and femininity as static, and deconstruction of different kinds of existing gender roles (like the homemaker and the breadwinner for instance)

2. Enhancing participation of women from tier 2 and 3 cities in the economy. Many women are unable to join the workforce because the place of work is not in their walking vicinity and they can't travel. According to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the country could add up to $770 billion”more than 18%”to its GDP by 2025, simply by giving equal opportunities to women.

3. Alleviating poverty and improving economic status of women from different socio-economic backgrounds. Poverty appears to be a defining factor of mobility, especially for women. Cost of transportation plays a key role in affecting women’s entry into self-employment and entrepreneurship. Two wheelers are not only more affordable to buy due to easy financing options, they are also cheaper to maintain and use.

4. Large Scale Sexual Victimisation of Women Takes Place on Public Transport all across India and the World. This number has been rising over the last few years. Sexual harassment against women can be reduced through two wheelers since they enable end to end transportation reducing dependency on unsafe and inconvenient public transportation

5. Being self reliant in terms of mobility allows access to central services like education, work, and health while bringing the intangible entitlements of participation and information

6. Social growth, equality and development. Unaffordability to use any form of public transport or lack forces them to return home earlier due to safety concerns, thus losing out on business/employment opportunities, as these women are typically placed in the informal sector. Being self reliant in terms of daily mobility, resolve these issues.

7. As electric bikes and shared mobility in two-wheelers becomes mainstream, more women riding scooters promotes a more sustainable and cleaner mode of transportation

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