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How working at Aatm Nirbhar brought happiness to my life

Today I am going to share the story of how my life changed after joining Aatm Nirbhar. This is not just a story. This is truth. - Ritu Verma, City Manager - Agra

Agra City Manager - Ritu Verma

Before joining Aatm Nirbhar, I have worked in many companies and I have learned something everywhere. I have also learned many things in Aatm Nirbhar. After some time, I will complete one year with Aatm Nirbhar.

When I joined Aatm Nirbhar, I was taken by surprise to know that there are so many ladies who want to learn scooty. It was a completely new experience for me and I thought it would be challenging because even though I had done a lot of sales earlier this was a completely new concept.

Just after a couple of weeks of joining Aatm Nirbhar, I noticed a very significant change in myself - my happiness. I had never witnessed such happiness in any of my previous jobs.

At Aatm Nirbhar, all managers have to do field check of training to maintain quality. When I started going to trainings I realised the importance and significance of what I do at Aatm Nirbhar Scooter Driving School For Women.

Whenever I go to a training the student who is learning has such a huge smile on her face as if she has conquered the world. I constantly hear things like,” Ma'am thanks to you that my children will not go to school by walking because now I am Capable to drop them on my activa “. These feedbacks make my day.

In many companies you will learn most things like management, confidence, personality development, situation Handling, etc. In the last one year I have learned all these things at Aatm Nirbhar as well but I have also learned how to create an impact in the lives of others. I am grateful to the entire team of Aatm Nirbhar that I got the opportunity to empower women in Agra and ful-fill their dreams

To contact our Agra Branch please call on +919997789888, +919997789222, +918108816111 or email us on

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