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How my Life changed after joining AATM-NIRBHAR

One of the largest cities that we are currently in - Jaipur is managed by our 32 year old Manager Radhika Khatri single handedly. As per Radhika, working with Aatm Nirbhar has been a life-changing experience as a woman because of 3 main reasons

My Self-Confidence got really boosted When I joined Aatm Nirbhar I had mixed thoughts. I was not sure If I will be able to fulfil the responsibilities that came along with my job. But from the very 1st day, the entire team of Aatm Nirbhar believed in me more than I believed in myself. As a result of this, within the first quarter itself I was able to achieve my targets and set high benchmarks for other in the team as well. This was also the first time that anyone in the Aatm Nirbhar team had achieved such a high target. I was extremely happy but most importantly my hard work was appreciated by everyone. This boosted my confidence exponentially and made me believe that I could do anything.

I achieved Self-Satisfaction The reason I joined Aatm Nirbhar was because I had a feeling that this kind of work will give me personal satisfaction. I love coming to the office everyday and work to make the dreams of so many women come true. I love to see them smiling after learning to ride scooty. I love it when I get the chance to motivate them to lean scooty and when they finally do, they are so grateful and happy.

I am also Aatm Nirbhar now Now I am Aatm Nirbhar too. I pay all my bills, rent, expenditures. After completing 6 months here I bought my own Activa 5G from my savings without any loan.

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