We Make Women Self-Reliant

Everyday millions of women are deprived of social and economic opportunities due to CONSTRAINED MOBILITY. According to  report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the country could add up to $770 billion—more than 18%—to its GDP by 2025, simply by giving equal opportunities to women. Our vision is to enable equal female labour force participation in and through mobility.




Our Founders

The mother-daughter duo that gave birth to Aatm Nirbhar

Aatm Nirbhar started in November 2017 when Pawani’s mom Rekha wanted to learn how to ride a scooty. It was and it still is a big thing in small cities of India like Mathura for a woman in her mid age to ride a scooty. Soon after her mom learnt to ride scooty, she inspired many more females of her family to get on the wheels. 


This inspired Pawani & Rekha to start Aatm Nirbhar - a Scooter Driving School For Women with the vision to empower Indian women through wheels. Today, Pawani’s mom happily trods Mathura’s streets and everytime she rides the scooty she says , “ जबसे मैंने स्कूटी चलाना सीखा है, ऐसा लगता है की मेरे पंख लग गए हैं |”


These were the exact words that were the inspiration behind starting Aatm Nirbhar.